Ecstasy of the Sun

The two galleries, Mojácar and Tepoztlán, are responses to specific experiences in Spain and Mexico, lands of intense sun which have captivated me. These sites, and the natural forces at work there, unleashed my experiments with color.
*Thank you to the Stevens Traveling Fellowship of Wellesley College and the Myron M. Kaplan Charitable Directed Fund for supporting my sabbatical year.

A 2001 residency at Fundacion Valparaiso in Mojácar, Spain generated a series of paintings over several years in response to the semi-arid land and powerful sun. The landscape, olive and pepper trees, jacaranda and fig, was flooded with colored heat and abundant gardens which seemed a miracle of growth in such an intense and demanding climate. These abstracted landscapes present the rampant growth as a celebration and victory.

These paintings were influenced by the landscape of Tepoztlán, Mexico where I painted during a sabbatical year in 2006. The village is ringed by unusual rock outcroppings on high mountains, thought to be the birthplace of Quetzalcoatl. Outside my studio was a garden of known and unknown flowering plants. This garden was my intimate companion; the presence of the sun and moon over the strange and reaching rocks became my metaphor for the cosmic world.

to view galleries, please click either the images or the menu titles: Mojácar; Tepoztlán
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Diane Churchill