Redness and Myth

Redness & Myth, the title for a 2004 exhibit at Soho 20/Chelsea Gallery, brings together the colors and subject matter of myth. The essence of redness has the largeness and intensity of myth. The stories of Leda have the passion of red and orange. .

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There is no violence here.
That was a mistake of the
myth-makers. One was god,
one mortal, but they needed each other. He didn't force her. She wanted to be transformed, to have a part of both the animal and the spirit world. Each answered a question for the other. There was no seduction; there was mutual recognition and desire.

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For a long time, I could not get enough red, thus these paintings and others. The red was sun and abundant flora, pomegranate, fire and the secrets of the heart. I worked in large scale, wanting the reds and oranges to take on architectural values. I wanted to create fields of red as opposed to objects of red.

Diane Churchill